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2008 Spring Hardstyle
1 Thinking Simply and Seeing Clearly. Excerpt's from Pavel's Foreward to Marty Gallagher’s The Purposeful Primitive

2 The Purposefully Primitive Manifesto: Doing Fewer Things Better. Article by Marty Gallagher

3 Lat Science: Exploring the Pull-up. Article by Charles Staley, B.Sc, MSS, Staley Training Systems

4 Cooking Up a New Challenge in Functional Movement and Kettlebells! Dr. Mark Cheng, RKCTL interview Gray Cook

5 HardStyle Talks to Vanderbilt's Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning, John Sisk. David Whitley, SRKC interviews John Sisk.

6 How to Get the Most Out of your [Only] Kettlebell: Modifications to the Rite of Passage (ROP). Article by Geoff Neupert, SRKC

7 How RKC Kettlebell Training Helped Donnie Set the All-Time Powerlifting Total Record: HardStyle Talks to World Champion Powerlifter Donnie Thompson, RKC. David Whitley, SRKC interviews Donnie Thompson, RKC

8 The Russian Kettlebell and HardStyle Have Changed My Life. Article by SSg. Adam T. Glass
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2008 Winter Hardstyle
1 It's Called a "Challenge" for Good Reason! How to Prepare for—and PASS—the RKC Instructor Certification Workshop. Article by Brett Jones MRKC

2 Hurting?—Find the REAL Problem Behind the Obvious Complaint. Article by Brett Jones, MRKC and Gray Cook, PT, RKC

3 It's Not a Matter of IF Kettlebells Will Work For You; It's a Matter of HOW to Work with Them to Fit Your Needs.” Article by Andrea Du Cane, MRKC

4 The Top Ten Reasons Why Dragon Door’s American-Made RKC Kettlebells Lead the World in Quality and Performance. Article by John Du Cane

5 Which Kettlebells Should I Get? Article by Pavel

6 The Hungarian Kettlebell Revolution: How a Krav-Maga Instructor Has Inspired His Fellow-Countrymen to Crush with Kettlebells! Article by Peter Lakatos, RKC

7 HardStyle Goes Hollywood: Enter the Dragon's John Saxon Finds a New Vitality with Pavel's Russian Kettlebell Training. Mark Cheng, RKCTL interviews John Saxon.

8 Part 2 of 2. Superman: The Reinvention and Rise of Sr. RKC Mark Reifkind in the Hardcore World of Competitive Weightlifting and Strength Training. Mark Cheng, RKCTL interviews Mark Reifkind, SRKC

9 How to Instantly Increase Your Biceps Strength with the Successive Induction Technique. Article by Pavel
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2007 Fall Hardstyle
1 Key Strength Training Concepts For Greater Success in Any Sport. Thrower Magazine Interviews Pavel

2 How to Stop Being a Chronic Under-Achiever and Realize Your Full Physical Potential—Using the Secrets of the “Staley Seven.” Article by Charles Staley

3 Can You Touch Your Toes? How to Avoid Injury and Extend Your Athletic Career by Fixing Your Movement Patterns. Article by Brett Jones, CSCS, SRKC

4 Length Tension Relationships and How to Restore Lost Function. Article by Mark Reifkind, SRKC

5 How to Work with Special Populations as an RKC—And Help Them Regain Control of Their Bodies. Article by Andrea Du Cane, SRKC

6 How to Reclaim Mankind’s Glory Days of Superlative Strength, Endurance and Power: Introducing Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts. Article by Kenneth Jay, SRKC

7 The Back Side of the Core: Six Powerful Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Consider the Deadlift a Crucial Component of Highly Effective Core Training. Article by Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, RKC

8 Firefighting and Kettlebells: A Great Combination. Article by Tom Corrigan, RKCTL

9 Part 1 of 2. Unstoppable! Among Even the Hardest Living Comrades, Sr. RKC Mark Reifkind Has Been There, Done That, and Got the Scars to Prove it! Mark Cheng, RKCTL interviews Mark Reifkind, SRKC
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2007 Summer Hardstyle
1 How to “Pry” Your Way into a Side Split. Article by Pavel

2 Secrets of the Shoulder—Revealed. Article by Brett Jones, CSCS, SRKC

3 With Kettlebells You Have No Choice But to Get Stronger. Article by Dan John

4 The RKC as a Stand Alone System. Article by Mark Reifkind, SRKC

5 But Can’t I Just Use a Dumbbell? Questions from the Dragon Door Forum

6 Deployed Fitness for the Armed Forces. Article by SSgt Adam T. Glass

7 Inosanto Accepts a Challenge! World-Famous Martial Arts Authority, Daniel Inosanto, Goes Toe-toToe with Pavel Tsatsouline’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge! Dr. Mark Cheng, RKCTL interviews Daniel Inosanto

8 How to Overcome Your Plateaus Using Dynamic-Isometrics and Shock Training. Article by Kenneth Jay, BSc, SRKC

9 From “Pumpers” to Party Members! Article by Phil Workman, RKC

10 Mobility Training for Strength. Article by Geoff Neupert, SRKC
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2007 Spring Hardstyle
1 An American Iron Game Pioneer on Kettlebell Swings and Super Strength. Article by Pavel

2 Ten Reasons Why Dragon Door’s American-Made RKC Kettlebells Are the Best Money Can Buy

3 Frank Trigg: Training for Mayhem. Article by Mike Springer, RKC

4 Kettlebells to the Rescue: a Total Transformation. Article by Andrea U-Shi Chang, RKC and Zar Horton, RKCTL

5 How to Score More in Soccer by Training with Kettlebells. Dragon Door interviews Julian Monk, RKC, Liverpool Football Club Fitness Trainer

6 The Other Side of the Coin…Tension and Relaxation. Article by Brett Jones, CSCS, SRKC
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2006 Fall Hardstyle
1 Overload Presses: A Shortcut to Pressing the Big One. Article by Pavel

2 Which Kettlebell Should I Get? Article by Pavel

3 Manipulating Biomechanical Pathways for Increased Pressing Power. Article by Kenneth Jay, BSc, SRKC

4 More a Guideline than a Rule: How the Kettlebell Can Also Help You Get Your Swole on. Article by Jack Reape

5 Former NFL Linebacker Carlos Bradley, RKC on the Explosive Power of Kettlebells for Football, Basketball and Other Major Sports. Dragon Door interviews Carlos Bradley, RKC

6 The RKC: Adding Tools to Your Toolbox—And Knowing How to Use Them—To Reach the Highest Levels of Physical Performance. Dragon Door interviews Chip Morton, Strength and Conditioning Coach

7 A Sturgis Biker’s Answer to On-Site Kettlebell Workouts. Article by Ron Morris
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2006 Spring Hardstyle
1 Chronicle of the Russian Kettlebell Invasion of America. Article by Pavel

2 How the Kettlebell Has Bred Weakness Out of the Russian Gene Pool. Article by Pavel

3 The Making of an RKC Dragon Door Kettlebell. Article by Pavel

4 Westside Inspired Kettlebell Program for Exceptional Speed and Explosive Strength. Article by Mike Mahler, SRKC

5 Three Strong Drills to Effectively Train Your Core with Kettlebells. Article by Steve Maxwell, MS, SRKC

6 How I Trained Russian Soldiers with Kettlebells. Article by Efim Kourbatski

7 Guerilla Tactics for Attacking and Defeating a “Heavy” Weight. Article by Brett Jones, CSCS, SRKC

8 Kettlebells for Extreme Leverage Challenge: Double No Hands Turkish Get Up. Article by Steve Cotter, SRKC
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2005 Winter Hardstyle
1 The Muscle Building Magic of Kettlebell Fast Tens. Article by Pavel

2 A Simple Sequence from Skinny to Smolov and Beyond. Article by Jack Reape

3 Igniting the Fire Service with Kettlebells. Article by Zar Horton, RKCTL, Captain, Albuquerque Fire Department

4 Jailhouse Rock: A Corrections Officer’s Observations of Inmates’ Strength Training. Article by Chris Mays, RKC

5 7-Time World Amateur Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, Kurt Pitman, Discusses Kettlebell Training for Fighters and Professional Hockey Players. Dragon Door interviews Kurt Pitman, RKC

6 How to Set Personal Records in Your Sport with the Kettlebell ‘What the Heck Effect.’ Article by Dan John, RKC
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2005 Fall Hardstyle
1 Kettlebell Training for Power Endurance. Article by Steve Maxwell, SRKC

2 Are Kettlebells Too Expensive. Article by Victor Holtreman

3 How to Maximize Your Agility with Russian Kettlebell Drills. Article by Kenneth Jay, SRKC

4 Bill Fox: From Sludgecake to Pounding Powerhouse. A Day in the Life of a Desissified 45-Year Old Big City Lawyer. Essay by Bill Fox

5 Strength is a Choice: From Gymnastics to Powerlifting to Kettlebells. Article by Mark Reifkind, SRKC

6 Gain Strength with Fixed Resistance. Article by David Whitley, SRKC

7 Former U.S. Marine, Will Williams, Launches Career as Personal Trainer…with Russian Kettlebells. Dragon Door interviews Will Williams, RKCTL

8 World Super Heavyweight Powerlifting Champion, Donnie Thompson, Sees Kettlebells as Key for Gaining Edge in all Sports. Dragon Door interviews Donnie Thompson
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2005 May Hardstyle
1 Jump Start Your Bench With a PTP/Ladder Hybrid! Article by Pavel

2 Arch Like a Pro and Lift More. Article by Pavel

3 How an Old-Time Strongman Feat Will Make you a Better Wrestler or Grappler. Article by Steve Cotter, CSCS, SRKC

4 1+1=3: How to Successfully Blend Training Approaches. Article by Brett Jones, CSCS, MRKC
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