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Expert Testimonials

Pavel Tsatsouline
"Brad is a high end professional. Very enthusiastic and personable as well. Your choice for a strength coach is obvious"

Pavel Tsatsouline
Chief Instructor, Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Tory Robson
"I cannot say enough about how your training and kettlebell workouts have inspired me. I feel you are leading a revolution in the training industry and congratulate all those fortunate enough to receive your guidance. I was tired of the health club scene and knew when I saw the kettlebells that my life was going to change. They are exciting, addictive, and body transforming.

For those who know they need to do something, I can think of no better avenue than a long term series of training sessions with you. It has changed my life forever for the positive, and I was already in shape. I can only imagine what can be forged for someone who isn’t."

Tory Robson DC
Woodbury, Minnesota
Director, Robson Clinic - Neck, Back & Injury

Mike Mahler
"As a Senior RKC I have the honor of getting to work with a great group at RKC certifications a few times a year. In every group there are always a few trainees that stick out. Brad Nelson is the perfect example. In addition to being an outstanding athlete, Brad is passionate about training and knows exactly how to transfer his passion to others. Add in depth training knowledge to the mix and you have a recipe for an excellent instructor. I highly recommend that you take advantage of his expertise and sign up for his services."

Mike Mahler
Author "The Kettlebell Solution For Size And Strength."

Morgan Luzier
“When I needed a new way to deliver a fun, effective, challenging workout to my clients, I called Brad Nelson to inquire about kettlebells. I was immediately struck with his good humor, humility, flexibility, and passion for his craft. I hired him to do a 60 minute introduction class and workout. What unfolded was an hour of attentive instruction, motivating energy, smooth transitions, and muscle-building, heart-pounding fun! Everyone involved: professionals, veterans, and novices alike, simply loved the experience.”

Morgan Luzier
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Owner and Founder of Balance Fitness Studio

Steve Cotter
"Brad is an excellent trainer who is truly passionate about his work. It is obvious that he loves helping others to achieve their goals. Not only is he a skilled kettlebell trainer, but he is also kind and compassionate toward his clients. Anyone in the Twin Cities area who is interested in improving their health, fitness and performance levels should treat themselves to a training session with Brad --you will be glad you did!"

Steve Cotter
Creator of Full KOntact Kettlebells
2-time USA Full Contact Champion

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