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We are THE AUTHORITY on kettlebell classes in Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota.  Head instructor Brad Nelson is an internationally-known expert on using kettlebell training as tools for body transformation and athletic performance.  Are you sick and tired of getting your butt kicked in competition?  Are you repulsed with being fat and lazy?  Are you disgusted by the reflection in the mirror every morning? Kettlebells vaporize fat, demand strength, and build jackhammer conditioning.  You have found THE MISSING PIECES TO THE RESULTS PUZZLE.  Contact us NOW!

ki·net·ic (k&-'ne-tik ) adjective
1) of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith
2) active, lively, dynamic, energizing


Milk has three proteins, namely casein, albumin, and globulin. While casein is left in milk as a suspension, the other two proteins are in solution. Due to this reason, you will not see the other two. You can see only casein. The white color of milk is due to casein.

For preservation, milk is converted into powder. When you look at a super market shelf, you can see different kinds of milk powder. Skim milk powder and full cream milk powder are the common ones, but you can buy all the different ingredients of milk in powder form. Casein protein powder is one such powder.

When it comes to the top pre-workout powder, the protein powder supplements takes a prominent place. The reason is that protein supplements get absorb into the system in a few minutes after you drink it. During exercise and just afterward athletes take the protein powder supplements to rejuvenate the damaged tissues. This way the protein powder supplements have become very useful to athletes.

On the other hand, the casein protein is not absorbed into the system as soon as you drink it. The reason is that it is not water soluble. Before being absorbed into the system, it has to be digested in the stomach with the use of gastric juices. One advantage of casein is that it is absorbed slowly. So, if you need quick absorbing milk protein, use whey proteins. In case you need slow absorbing proteins, use casein.

When we go to history, it was the egg protein that was available generations ago. Then came the protein powder supplements and the last to have come was the casein that was found in Russia in 1909.Still, Russia is the world's biggest casein supplier. When you take the biological value of the three proteins, casein stands at 77 while other protein powder supplements have a value of 104. The value for egg protein is 100.This value is the proportion of absorbed protein. The lower value will not be a minus point for casein protein because it has its advantages.

The advantages of casein are many. The biggest advantage is that it has the highest Glutamine content, out of all above proteins. This is the amino acid that helps body builders to gain weight while preserving muscle mass. Also, it helps develop immune system of the body. Another advantage with casein is that it moves slower through the intestinal tract. With these advantages, you can see that there are benefits that could be derived from casein protein supplements.

You cannot say which protein powder is better. All protein powders have their advantages. The best way is to use them in combination. When you say combination, it is not mixing. Take whey proteins while you are at work out and just after that. Take casein protein powder as a drink before going to bed. It will slowly digest and be absorbed by the body. It doesn't have to be always in the night; you can have it anytime when you have sufficient time to digest it before your next meal.


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